What We Do

School-Year Professional Development Program

The New York City Mathematics Project (NYCMP) collaborates with teachers, coaches, staff developers, administrators and superintendents to transform the ways in which mathematics is perceived, taught and assessed in urban classrooms. The project offers on site consulting, courses, workshops, seminars, study groups and conferences to support mathematics teaching and learning. NYCMP professional development services are interrelated and intended to provide a foundation from which educators can develop a comprehensive approach to mathematics education. Partnerships with schools and networks are intensive, multi-year, and site-based. Networks and schools are encouraged to select a cluster of services that can be tailored to specific needs.

The New York City Mathematics Project's professional development model has three mutually-reinforcing components: the services of an on-site teacher consultant who works directly with teachers, staff developers, students, and administrators; after-school graduate seminar or study groups in the teaching of mathematics, which is held on-site each semester for school faculty; and, direct work with school administrators, focusing on their goals for mathematics education.

On-Site Consulting

New York City Mathematics Project teacher-consultants work with teachers on-site during or after the school day. Consultants support the NYCMP’s belief that learning is most dynamic when it takes place in collaboration with others, and that teachers should play an active role in their growth and development.

The on-going presence of a teacher-consultant at school sites helps participating teachers make immediate connections between theory and practice, and nurtures the acquisition of knowledge and practical applications in classrooms. Consultants provide in-class support for teachers that includes: planning lessons, units and projects aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards; examining samples of student work; and organizing and facilitating meetings to assist school planning teams with reviewing and designing strategies that address curriculum, assessment and pedagogical concerns.


  • provide in class support for teachers in planning lessons and projects; coach and model in classrooms; team-teach; recommend and share resources; and examine samples of student work and assessment data to determine future instructional goals
  • organize and facilitate meetings to assist school planning teams to review and design strategies to support curricula, assessment, and pedagogy in classrooms and/or schools;
  • identify, train and support staff developers and coaches to enable them to serve as leaders for instructional change in their schools.

Graduate Education Seminars

The NYCMP offers after-school, Saturday and summer seminars at schools or at Lehman College. The content includes a progression from inquiry-based teaching and assessment to applications including increasingly complex mathematics tasks. All seminars are aligned with NCTM Principles and Standards and the NY State Standards for Mathematics. Seminar content incorporates the key concepts and procedures of mathematics and highlights mathematics as a process of identifying, exploring and solving problems and web-site development. Uses of technology are infused throughout all seminars. Participants also consider ways to build on the strengths of the individual student by describing and reflecting upon their observations of student work and using them to inform teaching. We encourage participants to use of a range of methods: reflective journals, portfolios, written descriptions of problem solving, student creation of problems, technological applications (such as interactive software, Internet sites, graphing calculators, and interactive video), and performance-based assessments.

Workshop Series/Study Groups

The NYCMP designs special series either in the form of workshops or study groups for educators who wish to explore a particular topic more fully. Workshops and study groups address specific instructional or curricular needs and goals for teaching and learning from practical and theoretical perspectives. These opportunities expand educators’ approaches to instruction and serve the needs of a diverse range of students. Workshops and study groups are designed by NYCMP staff and school personnel.

Leadership in Mathematics

New York City Mathematics Project staff provides support for supervisors and administrators. Institutes are designed to strengthen support for the Common Core Learning Standards for teaching and learning mathematics through exploration of mathematics content, curriculum, standards, assessment and technology. School leaders are provided with a range of strategies for improving instruction in mathematics and supporting student achievement. Our work helps administrators think through the ideas that underlie standards-based mathematics by engaging them in mathematics content, reviewing current research on effective teaching and learning in mathematics, focusing on issues of policy and practice in mathematics education, and discussing the implications for their role in supervising mathematics. Through our work, which consists of supervisors' conferences, workshops and study groups, we provide school leaders with a broad array of strategies for providing leadership in mathematics that can contribute to higher levels of mathematics achievement by greater numbers of students.

Special Programs

To augment the NYCMP's on-site services during the school year, teachers and administrators also have other opportunities to participate in professional development in a variety of unique forums:

Teacher Research. For teachers and administrators who are interested in documenting classroom practices for publication and dissemination, the NYCMP designs special programs to encourage close investigation of instructional practices and student work. These programs vary and are typically part of special initiatives sponsored by a range of funders.

Annual Conference. The New York City Mathematics Project hosts an annual conference at Lehman College during the spring of each year. Inaugurated in 1991, this conference provides an opportunity to bring together educators from elementary, middle and high schools who are working in partnership with the NYCMP across the city. This conference provides a unique forum for teachers to present some of the innovative work that they are doing with their students.