Edited by Felicia George

Introduction [PDF]
by Barbara Batton, Laura Schwartzberg and Kendra Sibley

3 - Ilene.jpg

An Inquiry into Becoming an Artist [PDF]
by Ilene S. Wittner

5 - Schwartzberg.jpg

Creating Imaginary Islands [PDF]
by Laura Schwartzberg

6  - Cleary.jpg

Inquiring into Immigration [PDF]
by Amelia Cleary

8 - Channer.jpg

Inquiring about Fairytales [PDF]
by Cheryll Channer

10 - Sibley.jpg

Inquiry in the Art Room [PDF]
by Kendra Sibley

11 - Reeder Mann.jpg

Finding Time for Inquiry [PDF]
by Shea Reeder & Utopia Mann

12 - Maiget.jpg

I-Searches to Inquiry [PDF]
by Melissa Magiet