New York City Writing Project
(Funder: Rabina Family Foundation)

The Elementary Leadership Project (ELP), a professional development and teacher-as-researcher program, explored inquiry approaches to teaching and learning in elementary classrooms. In keeping with the New York City Writing Project’s model of blending experiential, practical, and theoretical work, over their two years in the program ELP participants read and discussed research and theory about inquiry-based learning, shared student artifacts and activities from their classes, and reflected on their own practice. During the second semester, teachers continued to read and write about inquiry as well as undertake a personal inquiry project. At the close of that semester, teachers looked closely at their curriculum for the next year to find topics that had the potential for rich inquiry studies in content-area reading and writing and the arts. During the final fall and spring semesters, teachers documented their classroom work, met to discuss the progress of their classroom inquiries, and wrote up their findings for dissemination.

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